Student Recruitment

Educational Support for Children from Overseas (ESCO)

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Target students

  • For the students who have roots in foreign countries
  1. Those who have just come to Japan and can’t speak Japanese
  2. Those who can speak Japanese, but can neither read nor write it
  3. The third grade junior high school students who are not sure which high school to apply to
  4. Those who graduated from junior high school in their homeland and want to enter a high school in Japan
  5. Those who were born in Japan, have grown up in Japan, and have Japanese nationality, but speak their native language at home


  • Regular Class 3,000 yen per class for each term
  • Detailed class information→ 「Class Guide」 Click

An Inquiry and an Application for Participation

Please inquire and apply for participation via telephone, FAX, or E-mail in the following form.
TEL・FAX 047-345-2051