Other Activities

Educational Support for Children from Overseas (ESCO)

Voluntary Seminars

  1. From January to March, 2009
    “Studies and trainings for those who teach Japanese to people from overseas ” (held 9 times)
    We submitted the plans to these lectures and the Agency for Cultural Affairs entrusted us.
  2. From April, 2012 to February, 2013
    “Seminars on considering how to support the children from overseas ” (held 8 times)
    These seminars were held by a subsidy from the Kirin Foundation.

Cooperative Activities with other groups

Flea market ( spring・autumn )

We participate in the flea markets in Shinmatsudo Chuo Park in April and in October. (total number of shops : about 120)

  1. We sell clothes, small articles, shoes, ceramic wares, and others. (donations from our supporters and members )
  2. We sell “steamed buns with meat in them” made by our supporters.

Matsudo City International Cultural Festival

In the International Cultural Festival sponsored by Matsudo City in November, we post information about the sight of our activities in the booth. We inform the public about our association.

Matsudo City NPO・Civic Activity Fair

  • In the annual event , the activities of NPO corporations in Matsudo City are introduced.
  • We secure two booths. In one booth, we inform about our association, and in the other, we sell “steamed buns with meat in them ” and “specialties from students’ homelands made by their guardians.

A member of “Specific Nonprofit Activity Corporation Matsudo NPO Conference”

  • “Matsudo NPO Conference”works to concentrate ideas and efforts of NPO / Civic Activity, which has been active in Matsudo to create a new community.