History of ESCO

Educational Support for Children from Overseas (ESCO)

  • Fiscal year 2004
    As Chiba Prefecture and NPO cooperative project, research was conducted on the ideal methods of teaching Japanese to overseas children/students.
  • November,2005
    A meeting for announcing the findings of the research (above-mentioned), and opinions ,was held.
  • September, 2006
    A classroom was opened in Tokiwadaira via a charitable offer.
  • August, 2007
    Children participated in the “Tokyo Bay Cruise & Go Classes” subsidized by NYK (Nihon Yuusen Kabushikigaisha) and Nihon Ki-in.
  • Fiscal years 2008,2009,2010
    Matsudo Cooperative project, “Projects to support overseas children” were carried out.
  • From January to March,2009
    There were nine training workshops for those who are interested in teaching Japanese to overseas people. (The Agency for Cultural Affairs entrusted us.)
  • February, 2009
    Junior and high school students gathered to discuss a model project to promote and create multicultural societies. (The international section of the planning department in Chiba prefecture entrusted us)
  • October,2010
    Team Rin (Chinese) from ESCO received a prize, “Tokubetu Shourei-shou”, at a contest called “Dokusho Koushien”, sponsored by the Asahi Newspaper.
  • December, 2010
    Enterprise and NPO cooperative project, “Finance career education” was held at Ichikawa Technical High School, evening classes.
  • February,2011
    ESCO received a prize, “Asahi Nobinobi Kyouiku-shou” , sponsored by the Asahi Newspaper.
  • From June,2011 to May 2012
    A kanji teaching material, “Kanji 300 for overseas children” was created, subsidized by Chuo Labor Bank.
  • From June,2012 to May,2013
    A mathematics teaching material,“Arithmetic/mathematics workbook for overseas children” was created, subsidized by Chuo Labor Bank. (completed on March,2014)
  • Fiscal year 2012
    Subsidized by the Kirin Foundation, there were eight seminars for volunteers on supporting overseas children.
  • September,2012
    The classroom in Tokiwadaira moved to its present location.
  • November,2012
    ESCO became a certified NPO.
  • February,2013
    “The third conference for languages and life style studies in the immigrant community” was held in Toyama City, sponsored by the National Institute for Japanese Language and Linguistics.
    We presented a report on the current conditions and support of overseas children in Matsudo City.
  • From August, 2013 to January,2014
    The NPO Service Grant carried out market research and made recommendations to ESCO to improve the structure of the group.