Educational Support for Children from Overseas (ESCO)

In November, 2012, Educational Support for Children from Overseas (ESCO) became the fourth certified NPO in Chiba Prefecture.
Donations to certified NPOs are tax deductable.

Donations are used for the following activities

  1. Teaching materials used in the classes, such as books, newspaper, stationery, etc.
  2. Teaching materials for the children themselves, such as folding paper, bamboo propeller-shaped flying toys, kites, etc.
  3. The cost of creating teaching materials (subsidy is not enough). For example, our original teaching materials, “Kanji 300 for children from overseas” and “arithmetic/mathematics workbook for children from overseas”
  4. The cost of creating leaflets /student handouts. For example,
    “A guide to our classes” and “The Kakehashi bulletins”,
  5. The expenses to cover minor staff costs, such as transportation expenses

We appreciate your donations

Please support our cause. Your donations are tax deductable.

  • Individual
    1. Income tax
      You will receive deductions from your income in the amount of your donations minus 2,000 yen.
      (the amount of your donation – 2,000 yen) x (your income tax rate) will be refunded.
    2. Residence tax
      Those who live in Matsudo City and Noda City will receive (the amount of their donations – 2,000 yen) x 10 % tax deductions.
      (the amount of their donations – 2,000 yen) x 10 % will be refunded.
    3. Inheritance tax
      Donated inheritance will be tax-exempt.
  • Corporation
    • Corporation tax
      Total amount of donations are deductable.
      You can include the total amount of donations as financial losses.

Please transfer your donations to the following accounts

★ Post office (free of charge)

  • Postal transfer account : 00220-2-140682
  • Holder : NPO houjin Gaikokujin no kodomo no benkyoukai

★ Bank (We appreciate if you pay the charge)

  • The Minaminagareyama brunch of Chiba Bank
  • Ordinary account : 3193898
  • Name of the account : Gaikokujinn no kodomo no tame no benkyoukai
    Representative Misako Ebina